This website was created by Robert Jones for his Final Year Project in the University of Limerick, 2011, as part of the Bachelor of Technology (Education) in Materials and Engineering Technology degree.


This website was designed to combat the issue of students being restricted and redirected away from changing to a new subject field after the Junior Certificate, due to a lack of insight and knowledge regarding the new field, and also the shadowing apprehensive state of mind, as to whether or not they will be able to master this new subject, over the two year period, along with the embarrassment of potentially failing the unknown.


This website gives teachers and students of the Transition Year Programme the opportunity for teaching and learning as it presents both with a course of work and adequate resources to teach a class of varying abilities, with various motivational factors incorporated throughout the site.


About this Site

The Syllabus page is designed to outline the learning outcomes for each topic while also being equipped with a coursework and resource button which will navigate the operator into either the coursework or resource section of a particurlar topic.

The Coursework and Resource pages are broken down into four topics with each of these topics including four lessons which presents the operator with various stimulating and motivational resources which can be easily downloaded.

The Downloads page displays a series of free downloads which may be required in order to effectively utilise this site. If a particurlar download is required, the link must be clicked in order to commence the download process which the operator will be directed through by the actual site. 

The Links page gives the operator the oppertunity to carry out further research by accessing other related sites via these links.

The Contact page allows the user to contact the creator in relation to queries that arise.

The Blog page is a medium for feedback and general interaction between the creator and teachers or students.