Coursework – SolidWorks

SolidWorks is a CAD, Computer Aided Design package which is used to model, communicate and present models and designs of various geometries. Its the link that ties up the three previous topics into one. It is a powerful versatile tool which can construct a particurlar drawing in minutes which would take hours if you were to draw it with a pencil and set squares.

SolidWorks is a large factor in the Leaving Certificate DCG subject as the DCG project accounts for a portion of the marks in the Leaving Certificate exam. SolidWorks is also common in the day-to-day life of everybody as every object you can find, has been modelled on SolidWorks in the desigh stage of its life.

SolidWorks allows you to create an object and then model it in a particurlar scene, it also allows the creation of a variety of parts which can be imported into one file and assembled to create a particurlar object with motion. Solidworks also has a drawing file which allows you to import a part/ assembly and create orthographic and detailed views, all off which can be dimensioned.

Since SolidWorks is such a vast area, it has been broken down into three key areas which pose enough content to cover 5 – 6 weeks. These areas are; part files, assembly files and drawing files as these are most relevant to the students who would have a minimal level of knowledge on the topic as SolidWorks is not on the Junior Certificate course.

Lesson 1 deals with part files and general navigation around SolidWorks before moving on to look at parametric modelling. There is three teaching files with a step by step approach to creating particurlar motivational models like an I-Pod, Samsung Phone and a Wii Controller. These three models cover a wide range of the tools displayed in the part file and create a solid foundation for students who wish to take DCG as a Leaving Certificate subject.

Lesson 2 covers assembly files where there is a step by step teaching file which talks the students through the procedure behind mating a variety of parts together, to create an object with motion. There is also an additional file with a number of parts in it, which should be downloaded for the students to attemt to assemble of on their own  in order to challenge and examine their level of understanding.

Lesson 3 deals with drawing files and includes a step by step teaching file for the students to talk them through the creation of orthographic views on a particurlar object along with a 3 dimensional and explded view. There is also an additional file that should be downloaded to allow the students to attempt to create a drawing of this file on their own.

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