The links displayed on this page are links to official websites where the programmes listed below can be downloaded. These programmes are required in order to maximise the poterntial of this site within the classroom. The programmes can be downloaded by selecting the links alongside the images.


Adobe Reader X is required as all the PowerPoint Presentations and some of the Resource material are saved in PDF Format. Adobe Reader X is the most suitable programme, free to download which will allow the user to view all the documents that are in PDF format. 

Adobe Reader X (10.0.1)




RealPlayer is required to effectively use this site as it gives the operator the oppertunity, to view and download the various videos that are displayed on this site.





Internet Explorer 9 is the newest version of the Internet explorer available, which is free to download. It is suggested that you upgrade to IE9 via the free download link below if unsatisified with the quality. 

Internet Explorer 9