Resources – Developments

Developments, like the rest of the topics selected for this module play a part in this syllabus as they are a prominent feature in everyday life.

Developments are also relatively difficult to grasp for those who are unfamiliar with the subject area and therefore require simple, precise and effective explanations in order to develop a solid understanding for this area.

On the basis of this, the development course has been broken down and specific areas selected, before being further broken down to take the format of a series of teaching resources. These teaching resources have been arranged into lesson folders which correspond with similar lesson folders on the Developments page under the coursework tab. These resources take the form of videos and powerpoint presentations.


Lesson 1 resources deal with the unfolding of an object onto a single plane with the aid of a video which helps the students to enhance their level of understanding but also develops their visualisation skills. The powerpoint presentation also discusses the type of line that should be used to display a developed object on a planar surface.

Lesson 2 resources deal with more complex objects like objects with inclined surfaces like a pentagonal prism. Their is also a video displaying the development of a pentagonal prism in order to aid the visualisation of the students and to compliment the powerpoint presentation.

Lesson 3 resources display models relating to the coursework questions of this lesson, as the questions are aimed to force the students to think in depth about the problem rather than relying on the videos and powerpoint presentations.

Lesson 4 resources are simliar to lesson 3 as they display SolidWorks models of the questions. Lesson 4 questions are aimed at challenging the thought process of the students and therefore a realistic model of the question in SolidWorks is the best resource of all.

All lessons incorporate SolidWorks models of the questions that the students are asked to complete under the coursework section.

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