Resources – Freehand Sketching

Freehand sketching is quite a vast area with many different skills and techniques being exercised across the board from general sketching to line and colour shading.

The freehand sketching course has been broken down and the most relevant and important aspects of the course have been selected. These selected areas have been further broken down and converted into a series of teaching resources which take the form of  videos to powerpoint presentations.

These resources have then been divided amongst four lessons which  link up with the corresponding lessons on coursework page.


Lesson 1 resources are based on accuracy and proportionality, which aims to create awareness as to the different methods of creating an accurate and proportionally correct sketch.

Lesson 2 resources take the students through the correct procedure regarding the creation of lines and controlled curves and the importance that surrounding structures play, which is aided by a short video.

Lesson 3 resources take an in depth look at sketching 3 dimensional objects of various sizes and geometries, and also the importance of a surrounding structure in order to maintain accuracy and a proportionally correct sketch.

Lesson 4 resources take the student through the correct method of adding shading, tone and texture to their skekch in order to enhance the image’s appearance.

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