Resources – Orthographic Projection

Orthographic projection is quite a complex area requiring simple and effective explanations as some students have never experienced the DCG subject before and will therefore have poor visualistaion skills and spatial awareness.

The orthographic projection course is an important part of this syllabus as its used as a platform, which many other topics develop and build upon.

The orthographic projection course has been broken down into a series of key areas which have been converted into four specific lessons consisting of SolidWorks videos and power point presentations. These four lessons correspond with the four lessons on the orthographic projection page under the coursework tab.


Lesson 1 resources deal with the reference planes and how these planes unfold to produce the desired orthographic views using three SolidWorks videos which visually show the process of orthographic projection. It also discusses the various views and what constitutes each view.

Lesson 2 resources deal with inclined surfaces and hidden detail and how both these areas are displayed in an orhtographic projection view. It also uses a video to display the whole process of hidden detail and inclined surfaces which also re-caps on the previous lesson.

Lesson 3 resources discuss circular surfaces and  how these are represented in the various views of orthographic projection, which is also accompanied by a video to aid in the development of the students visualisation skills.

Lesson 4 resources consist of  two SolidWorks models which are the actual questions that the students are asked to produce orthographic views off. This allows the teacher to show the modelled questions on SolidWorks if some students are struggling to visualise the questions.

All lessons incoporate SolidWorks models of the questions that the students are asked to complete under the coursework section.

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