Resources – SolidWorks

SolidWorks is extremely relevant to this module as the students have experienced the pencil method of DCG and now they will get to experience the future of DCG via CAD computer aided design packages like SolidWorks.

Solidworks is interesting and extremly motivational towards students so therefore it has been selected as the final topic for this module. The Solidworks user interface is easy to use which allows for the oppertunity to create and display objects with complex geometries.

SolidWorks is a massive area with various features from 2 Dimensional drawing to creating videos of 3 Dimensional objects carrying out specific motions.

On the basis of this, the area of SolidWorks has been broken down into specific relevant areas. These areas have then been further disected into three particurlar lessons which accompany the coursework files.


Lesson 1 resources contain the SolidWorks models of the questions that were used for the parametric modelling exercises .

Lesson 2 and 3 resources contain the solutions to the matching questions from the SolidWorks page under the coursework tab.

These three resource files only contain the completed models and solutions, as the SolidWorks file under the course work tab contains a downloadable teaching booklet which talks through the different processes involved step by step.

Click on the image on the left hand-side of the page to navigate into that particurlar lesson.